My Name is Jeff. I’m a failed, frustrated, grateful and disappointed follower of Jesus. I had big ambitions of serving God.

At one time I wanted to be a church planter. I knew the popular established ways of doing this – all while remaining ‘Biblical’ and theologically grounded. You get a cool band, a cool venue, a cool speaker, market it and voila (US: ta-da!) a new church. But in its pursuit I was frustrated.

Sometimes, when I experience something which isn’t quite right, I have a hard time putting my finger on what or why. Sometimes its hard to articulate why. Even if I could, I don’t want to be just another disgruntled voice. I want to provide clarity and some alternate yet healthy ways forward… and this is harder than it seems.

I think a large challenge is that people often interpret what they don’t know by what they do know. In many ways, the differences I’m hoping to see appear no-so-different on the outside which causes people to miss it. The approach I’ve experience comes with a whole different mindset… and this takes time to unpack… for those who are interested. I believe it is both timely and important especially for American Evangelicals.

Over the next couple of years I hope to blog on How I Developed a Missional Perspective, What is Being Truly Missional, A Biblical Foundation for a Missional Theology, and An Untraditional Approach to Surviving a Crash in Ministry.


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